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By May 20, 2019 May 30th, 2019 News

Mobile web marketing pioneer Justin Elenburg announces the launch of QuoGen—the latest leading performance marketing company in the healthcare space.


“I’m thrilled to launch QuoGen, the latest leading performance marketing company in the healthcare space. We’re eager to provide our clients with quality leads that generate a substantial return on every advertising dollar spent.”

– Justin Elenburg


At QuoGen, we believe that buying high-quality prospects shouldn’t be a hassle.

That’s why we use a data-driven approach and proven techniques from highly experienced web marketers to generate quality leads. We generate prequalified calls using emerging technology, data, and people for the benefit of our valued partnerships.

QuoGen’s Proprietary Technology Generates More Leads

We’ve developed new tech to identify cost-per-acquisition in real time. This allows us to identify sales in live CPA using technology. We use technology to identify consumers and keyword that drive sales to call centers.

Our technology helps identify and record people who have opted in to be 100% TCPA compliance. Through advanced algorithm design, we are able to deliver calls to our partners when they want them, where they want them, and at the quality they want them.

What Makes QuoGen different?

100% Focus on Health Insurance

Monetizing health insurance calls is QuoGen’s specialty. Calls don’t get lost or ignored, so our clients earnings never fall through the cracks.

Direct Oversight

All QuoGen health insurance prospects are generated completely in-house. We never resell prospects from other companies.

Clear Pricing

QuoGen’s simple and transparent pricing model assures that buyers never overpay for leads.

Weekly Payouts

All QuoGen clients who meet their minimums are paid weekly!

Larger Footprint

At QuoGen, we run our campaigns with care. That means more hours per day working spent on our campaigns to reach more publishers in more areas than our competitors.

High Conversion Rates

QuoGen clients earn more money per call—which adds up to bigger payouts!

Buyer Control

QuoGen lets our clients control the flow of prospects, filter the types of prospects they buy, change their schedule and prospect delivery preferences at will, and monitor the performance of their prospect campaigns!

Multiple Filters

Finding and targeting the best prospects can be challenging. That’s why QuoGen’s Buyer Dashboard lets clients filter their prospect search results using demographic criteria such as location, age, prior or current medical conditions, smoking status, pregnancy status, household income, and more!

Zero Hassle

At QuoGen, we believe that buying quality prospects should be easy. That’s why we never burden our clients with contracts, commitments, minimum orders, or pause limits. And with our Buyer Dashboard there’s never a need to call customer support to make basic changes to your preferences.

Ready to get started? Just complete this simple form and take the first step toward getting the quality leads you want.


About Justin Elenburg

Justin has helped shape the future of affiliate mobile web marketing. He has leveraged his deep understanding of mobile affiliates & advertisers and his years of leadership experience—both as co-founder of mobileFUSED and now as founder of QuoGen. He has also been recognized for his dedication to his country numerous times while serving in the United States Air Force.


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